Our instructors will guide you through the skills to build a variety of shelters out of natural materials. And hammocks and bivvies. Together we’ll make sure each shelter is well made so you enjoy your night under the tree canopy.

We’ll discover the secret of a good fire is all in the preparation, giving everyone the opportunity to have a go at fire by friction and other expedition fire lighting methods. We’ll also demonstrate how to build the fire using different lays to suit our requirements.

We all know water is essential for life and good health. We’ll show you a variety of water purification methods, which may also be of invaluable use during your own independent adventures.

As a group we will prepare our evening dinner (with vegetarian options). Rest assured, this is not a celebrity bush tucker challenge: Our meal will be cooked from a selection of fresh, wholesome, ingredients over an open fire. A style which evokes our ancient ancestors and is still practiced by many indigenous communities to this day.

There will be free time to relax, enjoy the peaceful space of the woods and shadows cast by the fire. If its a clear night, we will move to the adjacent stone circle for hot chocolate, sharing stories and anecdotes of past adventures around our fire pit under the stars.

We supply all specialist equipment, camp kitchen and shelter building kit. On site is clean tap water, flushing toilets, with sink and shower.