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7 June 2020 – Mike Jones smashes PDBW F.K.T. 

Whooop! Massive congratulations to Mike on a new Peak District Boundary Walk Challenge FKT 300+km in under 60 hours! That’s over 46 hours faster than the previous FKT. In what was at times awful weather, with torrential overnight rain, Mike’s strategy was the model of consistency and resilience. He barely stopped, meaning his average pace is a near comparison to his actual ground speed.


Mike’s stats: Start 08:00 Friday. Finish 18:41 Sunday. New FKT 58h 41min. Ave pace 5.1km/h


Mike used Legends Tracking during his FKT

26 May 2019 – A first Fastest Known Time for the PDBW!

A new FKT for the Peak District Boundary Trail. Nicki Lygo and Stu Westfield started the 190 mile challenge at 05:05 on Wednesday 22 May, a cool quiet morning in my home village of Hayfield. Journeying together for all but the last half day, varying attrition factors meant each had to adopt a personal strategy to ensure they finished the route.

Stu completed in 105hours 7minutes. A sporting FKT on this new trail for future runners. Nicki completed just a couple of hours later in 108hours and 35minutes, a superb achievement.

Link to Fastest Known Time (FKT) listings website


The challenge started well with a 45 mile day. But on the afternoon of day two the high humidity, heat and work output brought on some heat exhaustion for me. We still managed 40 miles before midnight. Feeling better we set out early on day 3, only for the same conditions to affect Nicki that afternoon. To try and recover some lost time we marched on into the cool evening, hitting 39 miles at just after midnight. Day 4 and the sleep deprivation began to slow down our route finding, shown in a couple of minor tired navigation errors. We were joined by Fi and Jamie who’s arrival made for excellent pacing and navigation sanity checks.


We had journeyed together for all of the route, but by the time we reached Buxton on Day 5, the physicality of the challenge and attrition on feet forced me into a ‘go big or go home’ strategy. I needed to up the pace in order to spend less time on my feet. Nicki needed to bank more sleep before setting out on the final stage.

With hallucinations, ataxia and deteriorating foot pain, I left everything I had out there on the trail. We both still managed to put in a crowd pleasing 50 metre jog up to finish, to the pleasure of family, friends and supporters.


But none of this would have been remotely possible without the fabulous support team on the trail with encouragement and food/sleep pit stops: Matt, Nige, Jo, Olivia, Drew, you are superb.

We also had fantastic encouragment from the ultra community with friends and runners meeting us with ice lollies, wine gums, BLTs, chocolate waffles and marmalade on toast: Mark, Caroline, Jen, Debi, Vikki, Jamie, Fi, Jonny, David, Ally, Dolores, Peter, Doreen, Rob, Maddie, Gabe & Nate.

The event was aided by the excellent Legends Tracking. I believe we gave a few folks at home some sleepless nights of dot watching.


Finally, this challenge was a Mission For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Funding further research into finding a lasting cure to this devastating muscle wasting disease which is 100% fatal to those affected, normally by their mid-twenties.

Our challenge has currently raised around £2000. We’d like to extend our deepest thanks for all the donations.

Link to the challenge just giving page: