PB Challenge 4A

In May 2019, Stu Westfield (Ranger Expeditions & Ranger Ultras) and Nicki Lygo (Hospital Doctor and Double Pennine Way completer) will be taking on a special challenge, running for Duchenne muscular dsytrophy. The aim is to complete the Peak District Boundary trail, all 190 miles in 100 hours. It’s an ambitious challenge, requiring determination and a programme of conditioning in the months building-up to the start.

For this challenge, Stu and Nicki will be met by support crew at regular intervals, enabling them to travel light, enabling a sporting chance at the 100 hour time.

Would you like to help support?

There’s a few things which would be a huge help…

* Support vehicle (Confirmed, thank you)
* Race rucksacks (Our thanks to Stuart Secker)
* Self-sufficient accompanying walkers will also be very welcome to join us on the route.

Corporate sponsors:

We will prominently featuring your company branding and ethos on our web page, Legends tracker system page with worldwide reach, all our fundraising newsletters and publicity photos / video. In return, we are looking to partner companies who can support us in the following ways…

* Items of performance clothing: Lightweight waterproofs, soft shell, base layers
* Items of kit: 2x Race vests (5 to 10 litre capacity), GPS unit with maps, ration packs.
* Operational funding (support vehicle fuel, team sustenance, team branded clothing, accommodation costs)

As our planning progresses we’ll share news updates with projected timings.

Many of you will already know Nicki from her superb double back-to-back Pennine Way walk in 2018, much of which she did self-supported, carrying tent, stove and all her own gear. Nicki has a personal connection with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It is a terribly debilitating disease, where the sufferer rarely survives beyond childhood. The good news is that in recent years, significant progress has been made towards a lasting treatment. For the first time, there is the distinct possibility that a cure for Duchenne could be available within ten years. But, there is still work to do and this kind of science doesn’t come cheap.

Update March 2019

“Training is well underway, increasing mileage and conditioning to long days over a variety of terrain. Together with friends, we have recce’d four sections of the route. This has been enormously beneficial in highlighting a couple of route ‘red herrings’ as well as a long term diversion due to trail maintenance activity. The recce exercise has also helped us refine the details of our movement strategy, aiming for as light as possible with purposeful pace. Which brings us to our appeal to Corporate Sponsors. We are very conscious of keeping the operational costs of the challenge as low as possible. We are seeking sponsorship partners to assist with funding and items of kit. In return we offer logo and name placement on this web page, social media platforms, tracker site (all visible to a world wide audience) and also on photography and film throughout the challenge” – Stu Westfield  rangerexped@hotmail.co.uk

Update April 2019

“We’re delighted to announce that Legends Tracking will be providing tracker equipment and a online web page so that supporters, friends and family can see how we’re progressing around the Peak Boundary. This will be uploaded soon once we’ve made a final review of the GPX files for accuracy and statutory diversions on the ground due to trails maintenance. Legends Tracking is the industry leader in the latest event tracking hard wear and programming, with proven consistently reliable units being supplied to world wide events. We’re also very pleased to report that the loan of a camper van has been pledged for the challenge and support team members. We do still require a couple more team members and a race vest sponsor (two required with 5 to 10 litre capacity in Medium and Large size). Training for Nicki and Stu in early April was productive with consistent miles in the bank, plus Stu enjoyed a Sunday excursion to run the Manchester Marathon. He completed in 4h 36min, not his fastest ever time by any means, but he was happy with the result in the day. Unfortunately a health issue have sidelined training in the past couple of weeks for Nicki and Stu has been knocked back with a nasty upper respiratory infection. However, both are recovering and training will be building up at a sensible pace in the next few days. Nicki will be revisiting her favourite long distance trail, which will no doubt cement the title we have bestowed upon her as the ‘Queen Of The Pennine Way’. So, the Peak Boundary Mission for Duchenne is very much still on!” –      Stu Westfield  rangerexped@hotmail.co.uk

If you can, please help Nicki and Stu in their 2019 Mission to End Duchenne in 10.

Link to End Duchenne Just Giving Page

To learn more about Duchenne and the bravery of those affected…

Link to Duchenne UK

26 May 2019 – A new Fastest Known Time!

A new FKT for the Peak District Boundary Trail. We started the 190 mile challenge at 05:05 on Wednesday 22 May, a cool quiet morning in my home village of Hayfield.

We journeyed together for all but the last half day, but varying attrition factors meant we each had to adopt a personal strategy to ensure we finished the route.

I completed in 105hours 7minutes. A sporting FKT on this new trail for future runners. Nicki completed just a couple of hours later in 108hours and 35minutes, a superb achievement.

Link to our listing on Fastest Known Time (FKT) website


The challegne started well with a 45 mile day. But on the afternoon of day two the high humidity, heat and work output brought on some heat exhaustion for me. We still managed 40 miles before midnight. Feeling better we set out early on day 3, only for the same conditions to affect Nicki that afternoon. To try and recover some lost time we marched on into the cool evening, hitting 39 miles at just after midnight. Day 4 and the sleep deprivation began to slow down our route finding, shown in a couple of minor tired navigation errors. We were joined by Fi and Jamie who’s arrival made for excellent pacing and navigation sanity checks.


We had journeyed together for all of the route, but by the time we reached Buxton on Day 5, the physicality of the challenge and attrition on feet forced me into a ‘go big or go home’ strategy. I needed to up the pace in order to spend less time on my feet. Nicki needed to bank more sleep before setting out on the final stage.

With hallucinations, ataxia and deteriorating foot pain, I left everything I had out there on the trail. We both still managed to put in a crowd pleasing 50 metre jog up to finish, to the pleasure of family, friends and supporters.


But none of this would have been remotely possible without the fabulous support team on the trail with encouragement and food/sleep pit stops: Matt, Nige, Jo, Olivia, Drew, you are superb.

We also had fantastic encouragment from the ultra community with friends and runners meeting us with ice lollies, wine gums, BLTs, chocolate waffles and marmalade on toast: Mark, Caroline, Jen, Debi, Vikki, Jamie, Fi, Jonny, David, Ally, Dolores, Peter, Doreen, Rob, Maddie, Gabe & Nate.

The event was aided by the excellent Legends Tracking. I believe we gave a few folks at home some sleepless nights of dot watching.


Finally, this challenge was a Mission For Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Funding further research into finding a lasting cure to this devastating muscle wasting disease which is 100% fatal to those affected, normally by their mid-twenties.

Our challenge has currently raised around £2000. We’d like to extend our deepest thanks for all the donations.

Link to the challenge just giving page:


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